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What Is the I.A.E.T.?  
Law Enforcement offers high adventure, tremendous personal satisfaction and rewards unknown to other professions. Of course, all this comes with great risk. One of the most devastating components of law enforcement is that we see, feel, taste and smell evil daily. Tactical training prepares us physically for contact with evil. The efficacy of this training is proven by the steady reduction of in-the-line-of-duty deaths over the last fifty years. Unfortunately, as in-the-line-of-duty deaths decreased, personal tragedy from suicide, divorce, alcoholism and emotional problems have increased.  Conservative estimates reveal that two to three times as many law enforcers commit suicide as are killed in the line of duty.  While winning the physical battles, we are losing the interior struggles that have their roots in ethics and integrity.  Additionally, every legitimate lawsuit, disciplinary action, and complaint against an individual or agency is a result of failed ethics.  The monetary costs are extraordinary.

Members of the International Association of Ethics Trainers are dedicated and bold enough to believe that they can positively influence the future of law enforcement.  Using their positions of influence and authority, they are a beacon of light shining through the darkness and storms that continue to pound away the moral core of society.  They affirm and encourage the idealism of those entering law enforcement.  They are making a difference.

The symbol used to demonstrate what members of the IAET are to those they serve is the lighthouse, that beacon of light, standing on a rock alone in the storm, showing people the safe way as they try to navigate a difficult and dangerous course, that of a law enforcement professional.

We share and provide ideas, research, lesson plans, stories, articles, humor, encouragement and anything else that can help the heroic men and women of law enforcement maintain their high integrity and professionalism in the most difficult and trying times ever.

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